Column help!

Hey guys and gals and et ceteras, I’ve got a question!

What are your favourite comics and graphic novels to give to non-readers? Alternatively, which ones got YOU hooked? I’m looking for standalone books or new series mostly, but feel free to give suggestions!

So, what would give for the holidays, and why?

  1. amphibianinlove answered: The Left Bank Gang by Jason (esp for cinephiles)
  2. modblr answered: I’m suggest Monsterverse’s BELA LUGOSI’S TALES FROM THE GRAVE and the new FLESH AND BLOOD gn!
  3. missjenni4 answered: I really enjoyed Fable, but haven’t gotten through them all yet. Leauge of Extraordimary Gentlemen blew my mind and is probably my favourite.
  4. alyssariots answered: ariel schrag!
  5. bibliovore answered: Blankets is a good stand alone, I think.
  6. sadnessfactory answered: Bone, because it’s really accessible, not to mention well made.
  7. 2bpencil answered: Fables! And Sandman.
  8. bantamn answered: I lent a friend of mine volume one of Gunnerkrigg Court, and she loved it. My brother did too!
  9. srvoloch answered: Action Philosophers, if they like nonfiction.
  10. rouecinnamon answered: Planetary, as I am an Ellis fanboy. While it does indirectly reference mainstream comics, the science/literary refs are more prominent.
  11. kidcrimedoer answered: Atomic Robo! Because it rules.
  12. iamacollectionofmiscellanyandtea answered: I just finished Habibi by Craig Thompson…most beautiful thing I’be read in a long time.
  13. joshuathehutt answered: The original Runaways run works, as does any complete book of Atomic Robo.
  14. fuckyrjob answered: Blankets, Bone and Scott Pilgrim.
  15. deadpunk666 answered: The kevin smith batman’s, jeff brown’s girlfriend trilogy, Transmetropolitan, Old logan :) x
  16. missbuggles answered: Joss Whedon/John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men was undoubtedly what got me into comics. SO. GOOD.
  17. beatingthebinary answered: I grew up on the Sandman and Love and Rockets series, but they’re pretty intense. Templar, AZ is my fave currently published comic.
  18. o-blivia answered: Fun Home by Alison Bechdel
  19. surfacespells answered: Mad Love by Paul Dini & Bruce Timm!!
  20. latenightradioshow answered: Love & Rockets ; Potential - Ariel Schrag
  21. cherrycancer answered: Probably give some Batwoman because the new story if just lovely. A gift is mainly catered to the person I’m giving it to. Fav comic: TheMaxx
  22. liondozer answered: Blankets, Scott Pilgrim, Black Hole, Johnny Wander Vol 1., Ghost World, American Splendor, Wathcmen
  23. misspixnmix answered: My little sister has been comics-resistant her whole life, until her boyfriend gave her Fables.
  24. iwillbelieveanything answered: Fart Party Vol. 1 and Drinking at the Movies by Julia Wertz
  25. neuralhandshake answered: Gotham Central. Stumptown. And then Gotham Central again, because it’s an amazing and human storyline. Renee’s coming out especially.
  26. psiloskube answered: Ghost World & Sin City
  27. gorillapete answered: the dark knight returns, fables, and the rocketeer
  28. megthebrennan answered: scott pilgrim, marvel’s runaways, uhhh Hark a Vagrant?
  29. forlackofabettercomic answered: BLANKETS. So far it has never failed to get anyone into comics.
  30. atomic-trees answered: Auugh. My answer is too long. Incoming message!
  31. songwind answered: Brody’s Ghost, War at Ellsmere are both great for the YA crowd. Kingdom Come, Sandman
  32. meowroarmeow answered: I’ve found Blankets to be good for non-comic type people.
  33. abqandnotu answered: sandman!
  34. drsister answered: all star superman, seven soldiers
  35. girlyfuntimes answered: Anything by Craig Thompson, Strangers in Paradise, Marjane Sartrapi, FABLES!!! Oh, Y The Last Man! We3!
  36. space-evader answered: Khaos Komix! It’s got great portrayals of queer people, including transgender individuals!
  37. tracisucksatdrawing answered: The Plain Janes, Maus
  38. arainbowcupcake answered: Hopeless Savages. It’s a fantastic, little-heard-of (in my area, anyway) piece from onipress. Punk kids save kidnapped parents from skinheads
  39. steph-jayne answered: Habibi, Watchmen, Ultimate Spiderman
  40. a-homo-on-the-range answered: My favorite trade, and one of the first ones I ever bought is the Wolverine: Weapon X collecton from Marvel Comics Presents. It’s beautiful.
  41. missnouveau answered: I think the Skydoll series is a must for anyone who loves a good look at religious philosophy. Plus, the art and writing is so amazing.
  42. nerdromance answered: Stephanie Brown as Batgirl got me re-hooked.
  43. thepanicthevomit answered: All-Star Superman and Watchmen, I guess… Obvious maybe, but they are both great.
  44. connell-vs-life answered: Superman: Red Son - Even non-readers know Supes and it’s an interesting to see him as a Soviet-era Ruskie super hero. Great social commentary
  45. nerdygirllove answered: Blankets is my favorite. I suggest it to everyone.
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