Tonight = cheap white wine, cutting and folding a zillion Valentines and watching Party Down with my cat. I can hear you swooning from here.

I know it may seem early to order the cards, what with V-day being a month away, so I’m going to keep having them available until it’s too close to ship. I’ve also put up a few copies of Kate or Die 2 in the shop, as well as restocked the Queen of the Neighborhood kitty print. I’m always eager to hear what prints you’d like of my art/comics!

As always, if you enter the code STRANGE at checkout, your shipping cost disappears and you can pick up your purchase at Strange Adventures (if you live in the HRM, that is!).

That’s all the self-promo for tonight, lovelies!

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    BRB, buying every copy of this print.
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    These cards are wonderful! That evening sounds wonderful.Goddamit. I feel super lazy now…
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    Holyfuck I think I need that riot grrl print. Bikini kill 4eva.
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    C H E E Z Y :D — rawwrrrrr !!! \m/
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    That print is so cute!
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