Phew. Last night, Strange Adventures hosted its 5th Ladies’ Night. It was a HUGE success! The store was jam-packed for two hours full of enthusiastic women of all sorts buying comics, graphic novels, t-shirts, toys and more. Faith Erin Hicks signed copies of her new (and completely wonderful) book Friends With Boys, and Jordyn Bochon was on deck signing copies of the wonderful lady warrior princess book Spera. Anyone who was there can attest to the energy in the room - it was unlike anything else, and it was awesome.

We got 100 signatures towards our campaign to get Batgirl: Year One reprinted (thanks, Lor!), sold out of Friends With Boys, cleared through all our gift bags in the first 40 minutes and by the end of the night, the shop looked like it’d been ransacked! I couldn’t have hoped for more.

To everyone who came out: THANK YOU! To everyone who helped: THANK YOU EVEN MORE! I couldn’t have pulled this off without all the ladies in my life being total badass babes. Not to forget my boss, Cal, who made it all possible.

Fredericton, New Brunswick: I’m coming for you on March 31st to help host Strange Adventures’ first location’s own Ladies’ Night! I’ll be signing copies of Womanthology and have loads of prints and mini-comics with me. Hooray!

Take that, Comic Book Men.

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