Two Awesome Things You Should Vote For Today!

Neither one takes longer than 60 seconds of your time. You can spare that for these two amazing babes! It costs you nothing!

  1. Vera Brosgol, who worked on the film version of Coraline and wrote my favourite YA comic Anya’s Ghost, is in the latest Fluevog artists’ contest. You vote for her ad, and if she wins, she gets shoes and her ad is used! This is awesome.
    - > VOTE <-
  2. Cheryl Hann, who is a member of comedy troupe Picnicface and also runs that sweet Sailor Moon gif blog, is the front-runner for Metro’s Race For Space contest. If she wins, she literally GETS TO GO TO SPACE. This is the best thing ever, and you can vote 10 times a day. It’s crazy!
    -> VOTE <-

Okay! Vote! Do right! I’ll love you again, and maybe things will be like they were?!

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    I will never-not vote to get someone into space. If I could, I would go with her :(
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