Sexytimes Sunday

…Is a new favourite hobby of mine. I’ve narrowed it down to three topics for next week’s edition and put them to a vote. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow and then open up submissions for it! So, please respond with what theme you’d like your dash to be spammed with in a week’s time:

  1. Androgyny!
  2. Vampires!
  3. Old Hollywood!

Vote, vote, vote! What turns your crank, tumblr?

  1. rzepi answered: Vampires!
  2. itsbensiegel answered: Androgyny!
  3. vaugelyvintage answered: 3!
  4. aliceincyberland answered: androgyny and vampires.
  5. tinybuttons answered: Vampires! Old Hollywood! Androgyny! (I really do want to see them all.)
  6. geekshallinherittheearth answered: Androgyny
  7. jessfink answered: ANDROGYONY & OLD HOLLYWOOD
  8. quirkyfreespirit answered: ’50s Pin up girls. Love them!
  9. leisureandserendipity answered: Old Hollywood :)
  10. superblysituated answered: ANDROGYNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. likethehorse answered: Androgyny!
  12. chima1675 answered: Androgyny!
  13. bookshelvesandbobombs answered: Old Hollywood!
  14. thepijeanshow answered: Androgyny!
  15. ribenafaace answered: Androgyny, 100%
  16. megan-e-pearson answered: Old Hollywood (of course I want that to be my life study so)
  17. snowpond answered: Vampires!
  18. letpandasdie answered: Old Hollywood!
  19. uristmcdorf answered: Androgyny! OH MY GOD ANDROGYNY YES
  20. thewalkingtriangle answered: Old Hollywood :))
  21. outgoing-introvert answered: old Hollywood :)
  22. picturesinhismind answered: Androgyny!
  23. theahole answered: androgyny all the way!
  24. notlikethecover answered: androgyny
  25. nachodiet answered: Andro!
  26. palmpuke answered: Androgyny FTW
  27. didaskaleinophobias answered: androgyny!
  28. feminerdity answered: Old Hollywood!
  29. karaksindru answered: Old Hollywood
  30. aardenvark answered: Androgyny!!!
  31. alex-in-real-life answered: Oh thank God I’m not the only one who finds all three things sexy!!!!
  32. kingofsiam answered: old hollywood
  33. californianlabyrinth answered: Androgyny!
  34. trooperella answered: Vamps :I
  35. onsome-lonell-ynight answered: Old Hollywood
  36. dirtymouf answered: androgyny!!
  37. sparkerler answered: vampires, although all are welcome :)
  38. bitterbun answered: old hollywood androgyny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. utopianbypreference answered: androgyny!
  40. starlightandstatic answered: old hollywood! <3
  41. momanddadaism answered: 1
  42. hummeline answered: androgyny!
  43. trashachusetts answered: androgyny!
  44. girlwiththebadwolftattoo answered: Androgyny!
  45. polarbearangel answered: Defintely #1 - Androgyny!
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