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I'm looking to get a small, visible tattoo at some point in my life. So, did your tattoos limit your job options?

Tattoos have not limited my job options, no. Not once. But, keep in mind, I have not gone for jobs that would discriminate against tattoos since I had too few of them for it to make a difference.

I’ve worked at a comic book store for two and a half years, and my boss doesn’t give a care about them. Half the people on staff have visible tattoos. We’re an independent business, though. I’m not, say, a lawyer, or dentist, or a teacher.

They do let me give talks in schools, which I find amusing and delightful - I can’t remember any of my teachers inviting punky girls with sleeves to teach us about comic books - but that’s by invitation and not exactly a typical situation.

Tattoos are becoming less and less of a problem in the workforce because they’ve grown so much in popularity that more people I know have them than don’t. I’m fortunate that I work in the arts, too - loads of comic artists and illustrators are heavily tattooed - and have dabbled in other professions that celebrate diversity. If you’re going to be a painter, writer, hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer, designer, or almost any kind of freelancer in general, you kind of get to make your own rules about how you look. People will often either really enjoy it or discriminate against you, in which case you probably don’t want to work with or for them anyhow. If you are planning to enter a career that frowns on body art, perhaps just stick to your torso or other places easily hidden. You can always get more, after all!


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