minimusminor asked

Whatever happened to your column at Comics Bulletin? I really enjoyed it.

I did, too! But, things changed. I started the columns when I was working only part-time and had lots of spare hours. I work full-time now, even before doing comics! It’s harder to fit in.

Also, it was always something I did for free, and over time paid work came as a priority when I was scheduling myself. I also found myself running out of the rage I had felt writing so many of the pieces, not wanting to repeat myself, and generally feeling less angry. I guess that’s not such a bad thing!

I got a lot off my chest, but things don’t rile me up as much lately. Comics have been good to me and I’m pretty happy! I’m not one to beat a dead horse or watch a TV show just because it’s still on, and I didn’t want to write if I wasn’t feeling it.

Who knows what will come, in time!

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