I volunteered for Ladies Night at Strange Adventures last evening! The shop was open 2 hours later to ladies only and it was a huge success! Over 200 people showed up and I had a great time giving people comic recommendations and helping people find new things to read!  

I managed to put Francesco’s Black Beetle into the hands of some ladies last night!

So happy Jess put some pictures up - I had no time to take any last night! Hah!

Every year or so we put on Ladies Night at Strange Adventures and for the last two years I’ve had the pleasure of hosting it and putting it together. This year we had a lineup start an hour before the event opened and by the time it started, that lineup went down and around the block! It took 40 minutes to clear up! We haven’t had a crowd like that outside since Kate Beaton signed at the store.

I feel incredibly lucky to work somewhere that encourages events like this and trusts me with the organization of them. I love selling comics, but putting on parties, events and helping out with conventions is infinitely satisfying. I love being part of a shop that does things like this.

My coworker Natalie and I manned the counter while my boss’ wife, her daughter and Natalie’s mom helped manage the crowds. My lady-friends came to talk comics, help set up and remind me to breathe. We had snacks and drinks, prizes and Faith Erin Hicks signing her new Superhero Girl collection. Gift bags went out to the early birds, while everyone else got at least a few free comics (some went home with Ms Marvel or Spider-Woman Essentials!). My roommate made Lantern Corps cookies and sold all of our copies of Swamp Thing. All of them!

Overall, the biggest sellers of the night were pretty diverse - Locke & Key, Saga, Adventure Time, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Black Beetle, Avengers, Walking Dead, every copy of Hyrule Historia and ALL the My Little Pony blind bag toys! Many girls told me it was their first time in the shop, while others said they’d been waiting months to stock up. They came in droves, bought big (often coming back to the counter multiple times throughout the night) and decimated the shelves - I couldn’t be happier.

Next weekend the boss and I travel to Fredericton to help out with a charity auction and their own Ladies Night - my second one in that location. I’m grinning ear-to-ear this morning and so pleased at how it all went, and how awesome my friends, customers and coworkers are.

I love girls who love comics.

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