Advice for First-Time Artist Alley Tablers

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- Get a sign. A clear identifier of who you are, what your brand is. A banner, a table standee, whatever!

- Stand at your table if nobody’s coming by. Be approachable! Be able to explain what it is you’re selling in a sentence or two.

- Have business cards or stickers with your web presence on it. Simple and free. An address, a twitter name. No phone numbers or personal emails.

- Don’t overcrowd your table with too many items. Have something that’s $1, something that’s $3, $5, $10, $15, etc. I find it helps. Some people come with tons of cash, some only have a couple bucks. Make sure those who only spend a little get a biz card. They might have money later on

- Accept credit/debit cards if you can. Square readers are good, I hear!

- Be polite and engaging. If you’re sketching, sketch on the table instead of your lap. Try and acknowledge everyone who comes to the table with a smile or a “hi!”. Don’t be too pushy.

- Have lots of change. I usually go to a show with about a $100 float in coins and $5 bills. You’ll need it, and it can help you make friends with table mates who may need change!

- Prepare. Will you need tape, elastics, envelopes, scissors, bags? Make it easy for the customers. A quick trip to the dollar store can save you lots of scrambling.

- Bring pens for signing. Sharpies are great, have silver or gold ones if your surfaces are dark. Personalize what you can, and ask people how to spell their names.

- Get creative with your displays! I’m bad at this, but I love seeing inventive setups. Fun tablecloths, earring hangers, shelves, etc!

- Be nice, but have a pleasant way to usher people along if need be. “Have you checked out _________’s table?” “What panels are you going to?”

- Know your prices, label things clearly. Sticky notes are great for this.

- Don’t undervalue your art!

- Have an awesome time!!

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