It’s no secret that I likes me some smutty art. I do! I’m always impressed by it and I think it’s healthy for girls to admit these types of things, ‘cause it can get real frowned upon. So, without further ado, some comic and graphic novels for ADULTS ONLY. All of them are NSFW, so kiddies, wait for the next post!

…Not that you’re going to listen to that anyway, but I do have to say it.


SMALL FAVOURS by Colleen Coover is a series I’ve only read snippets of because we’re still trying to get it restocked at the shop, but what I have seen is hot hot heat. It’s the story of a girl and her magical lady love and all the naughty things they get up to. Coover’s work sits head and shoulders above many others because it’s not just sexy, it’s fun!

CHESTER 5000 by Jess Fink sat on my recommended shelf at work for two weeks. I loved it so, so much. The entire run is available on her website, and although I encourage you to buy the book, it is in black and white and I think it loses a little something from the lovely purple hues you see online. Still, it’s a fun, sexy, sex-positive story about a couple and their robot lover Chester. It made me smile, it made me blush.

BUTTERSCOTCH and BUTTERSCOTCH 2 by Milo Manara showed up at our shop in a French-language order that came in and I spent a fair bit of a slow afternoon trying to read it when there were no kids in the store. The story centers around a man who invents a cream to make himself invisible, undetectable save for the scent of butterscotch. Needless to say, he gets up to (and into) all sorts of trouble. Manara draws impossible women (you may recognize his style from X-Women or his story about Desire in Sandman: Endless Nights) beautifully. It’s cheesecake, for sure, but I love it. And hey, if you’re looking to work on your French, get it untranslated and let it inspire you to work on your linguistics.

DAVE STEVENS: COMPLETE SKETCHES AND STUDIES isn’t a graphic novel, but a collection from my favourite pin-up artist. You know the name from The Rocketeer, but this is a whole other level. I’ve never seen drawings of women this beautiful. It only came out last week, so your LCS should have it! It’s a bit pricey ($50) but completely worth it if you’re looking for art inspiration. His poses and anatomy alone are worth memorizing. It is absolutely full naked girls.

THE ART OF DOUG SNEYD is a great gift for pretty much anyone with a sense of humour and a libido, or even anyone interested in character design. This massive (and surprisingly affordable) collection of Playboy comics is so well-drawn and funny, it makes a pretty great coffee table book for the discerning pervert. Sneyd draws fun, sexy stuff and incredible faces.

When you’re done with all that, check out SMBITTEN: LESBIAN VAMPIRES and EVERYTHING MEGAN GEDRIS MAKES because it is funny, sweet and smut-a-licious.

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