I don’t wanna work on these ink lines anymore! Does anyone have any wine?

  1. katiezirra answered: i have no wine but your kitty is beautiful
  2. whiskey-cupcakes answered: I have much wine. But I do not have a cat that will let me do that to him.
  3. wellshitcaitlin answered: love the cat. its just looking at the screen like, “OMG, thats me there!”
  4. thepiderman answered: ohmygosh I wish! We could simutlaneously drink wine and take kitty pictures!
  5. sylvia--wrath answered: yes!
  6. grizzlyburr answered: i can haz teh kittonz?
  7. toopolishforlife answered: I do have wine! and I’m about to drink it…alone. :/
  8. pattylovesoctopi answered: I have some ouzo
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  10. noelanthony answered: two beautiful creatures
  11. coeurensabot answered: getting drunk together over the internet is too much. i am putting my foot down.
  12. brokenquill answered: Plenty of wine actually…sharing is difficult though…
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